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New Zealand Information

New Zealand is a modern, diverse country with a population of around five million people. More than one third live in the Auckland region, with other major cities being Wellington (the capital), Christchurch and Dunedin. New Zealand is actively promoting itself as a vibrant economy with excellent job opportunities for qualified people.

Tourism, service industries, manufacturing, small-scale industry and agriculture are important, as are all design fields, information technology and telecommunications. Hospitality (restaurants and hotels), financing, insurances, real estate and business services are all thriving.

New Zealand offers a range of exciting recreational activities whether your interests are sporting, outdoor activities, or more cultural. It is renowned for the beauty of its landscape, the friendliness of its people, and for its exciting and unique Maori and Pacific Islands culture.


Consult links about New Zealand, visas and other topics of interest.

General New Zealand Links

NewZealand - Official Tourist Information site for New Zealand
Search NZ -New Zealand based search engine

Visa Links

New Zealand Immigration - the New Zealand Immigration Website
Working Holiday Scheme - details on New Zealand's Working Holiday Scheme used for Work & Travel New Zealand Programme
Work Visa - details on Work Visa used for Internship New Zealand Programme

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