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Mansi, India

"I am settled and I'm working hard and I am really learning new things. I am enjoying a lot here and I have made many friends and am having a good time.  Thank you !!!"

Mahima, India

"I am settling in just fine and also enjoying my work.  My colleagues and supervisor are lovely and very helpful.  I love the place and the people - have made some good friends."

Rakshanda, India

"Thank you for the Welcome Pack and thanks for placing me.  It is so much fun working there and my colleagues are very nice and helpful and this is an institution not just a restaurant, so working and learning here means a lot.  It wouldn't have been possible without you so thank you for everything."

Binita, India

"I am settling in well here and I am enjoying work and learning a lot. People are so nice and the weather is awesome. I love it.  Thank you so much :) "

Dominic, India

"It feels really awesome to work at ******,  I am getting to learn a lot from the staff.  All are really helpful and supportive.  I will take back a lot of happy memories and experiences.  All thanks to you for helping us come to New Zealand :) New Zealand is very beautiful"

Sheena, Macau

"Thanks for arranging all the things for me!  Queenstown is colder than I think but  is an awesome place"

Serge, Russia

"I am Serge from Kaliningrad, Russia. I feel like I am really lucky that I've participated in the Internship NZ programme. I found info about this programme on the internet and decided to try it at once. At the moment I have already been staying here for 5 months and I still can't believe I am here. NZ is the best country I have been to. And I really appreciate the job Internship NZ's team did. Everything was perfect. I had a kind of problem with my first employer and Rae-Ann helped me to solve it in less than a week. I was placed to other town, other employer. Now I just enjoy being in New Zealand. I can frankly say to anybody who wants to try: "Do not hesitate and go ahead, it is worth to try!"

Will, USA

"I've been back home for about 2 weeks now and every snowy day makes me want to go back to Nelson. The whole internship experience went as good as I could ever have wished for. Nelson is definately now one of my favorite cities. The smaller size, laid back cafe culture, and natural beauty are hard to beat. In fact New Zealand (at least what I saw, only the South Island) lived up to my high expectations and I am madly in love with and envious of your country. "

Ivan, Bulgaria

I would like to use the chance to say that it has been (and still is) a wonderful experience living and working in New Zealand, so thank you for this opportunity.

Shine, Seoul - Korea

'What I've gone through for 8 months was more than drama. It made me more confident and strong about dealing with possible situation when it comes to working for the multinational company. So many stories, lots of funs and some hard times..all the memory I'll never forget.

Having worked for 2 different great hotels, I learned a lot. Not only about how NZ hotel industries run but also how interesting it is to work with international people from all different countries.

It was unforgettable experience which I hardly have in the future. From beautiful Paihia to remarkable Queenstown, my journey was somewhat special. I found myself that i'm so into New Zealand. I can't thank Karen and Rae-ann more. What they helped me and care about me was so grateful. You guys are great team. I really want to say that. Now I'm back to Korea. Another journey, new start. Episode continues on season 2. NZ will be missed so much'.

HR Manager of International Hotel Chain

Internship New Zealand assisted us to recruit for our housekeeping department for the 6 months October 2003 - April 2003 by placing 5 students from various countries at our hotel. Internship NZ undertook all of the screening and reference checking, and provided us with candidates with relevant experience and background. All of the candidates have assimilated extremely well into our work environment and have proved to be stellar workers. Both the standard of the candidates and the service given by Internship NZ have been excellent!"

Chris, UK

Hi, my name is Chris and I'm from the UK. As part of my degree I had to undertake an internship in my field of study. I wanted to do one abroad and when I heard of Internship New Zealand I jumped at the chance to work in such a beautiful country.

From day one the staff were there to help me sort everything out. Because I had applied late there were worries about my visa but Internship NZ worked everything out and put me at ease. When I arrived in New Zealand I met the whole team and they helped me settle in and find a place to stay. Now I'm up in Whangarei Heads having an amazing time but I always know that if I get into trouble they'll help me out - thanks so much!

Irina, Russia

Hello. My name is Irina, I am from Russia. And I am a participant of the “Internship in New Zealand” program. The programme was designed to let the students get the professional experience in their future profession. You can do this training programme leading in to your education at University. And try to use your skills in real life at real work.

I found this programme in Russia and decided to take a part in something interested and amazing. My education in Russia supposed to give me a degree in “International Relations” which was the main reason I came to New Zealand. The staff from Internship NZ helped me to get Work Permit and feel free here. I know if something would happen those people would help me at any time. That was my lucky chance to come here.

This job helped me to improve my English and gave a lot of opportunities to meet new interesting people. I know much more than before about another culture, about another life.

I made a decision to try it - now I am here, very happy and want to thank everybody who helped me to get it.

Renato, Brazil

I am writing about my internship in tourism and hotelaria. New Zealand is completely different from my country - new food, sports, customs, language and environment. It was difficult at times to adjust to this much change in my living and work environment but I focussed on my targets and goals and showed I was able to keep on running towards my dreams. I needed to be honest with myself and overcome any obstacle so I decided to make the most of my time and enjoy New Zealand. Once I made this decision, I registered for an advanced English course which I combined with my internship. As my communication improved and with my happy attitude my employer rotated me through 2 departments in the hotel and I have developed many skills because of this. My advice for other interns is "don't give up on your dreams, no matter how difficult they are or appear to be"

Praveen, USA

I thought Internship NZ would be like any other office placing students; pompously quoting their achievements. But unlike my thoughts, they were very helpful, right from understanding the kind of role I wanted and they placed me with a highly desirable employer. The job description was simple but I took the risk in accepting this internship offer and the reality was a great learning experience. I was quite surprised that my actual work was very interesting and it has provided me with huge world exposure and experience. I do not know how much I contributed to the company but the internship certainly added value to my future career. My only regret is that I did not get enough time to see a lot of New Zealand during my time here but I LOVED what I did see.

Teodora, Bulgaria

The town is beautiful and we're looking forward to making good friends. I like it that you get all kind of free information on what to see and do all around New Zealand. I already have great plans for travelling around this marvellous country. Tourism promotion is awesome!

Ivan, Bulgaria

I had so wonderful time in Queenstown. I had lots of experiences and I made many friends.

It is so beautiful in the summer in New Zealand and I decided to leave a little bit earlier so I could travel around the country before leaving.

Alissa, NZ

My work training in San Diego California has been a wonderful and exciting experience! It has provided me with valuable hands-on experience and has strengthened my decision to enter the field of Accounting as well as showing me that I have what it takes to pursue a career in this field.

Not only has it been a beneficial training experience but has also enabled me to meet new people & enjoy beautiful San Diego! This experience will truely be an asset to my resume!

Linda, NZ

When I decided to do the Professional Career Training programme through Internship New Zealand, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in my career. I had graduated from university and was excited about doing something I love. I just didn’t know what that was! All I knew is that I wanted to do something I enjoyed and do something a little different.

After a few phone calls to the USA I was offered an internship at an event management company in Washington, DC. I moved to DC for 18 months and worked on what became my dream job. I lived on Capitol Hill, organised and worked on high profile events at venues such as the Smithsonian museums and Dream nightclub for clients such as CNN, Diageo and Volvo to name a few!

Being in DC I was able to go on tours through the House of Representatives, the Senate, the US Capitol and the Pentagon! We went road tripping around the East Coast in the summer days, met as many people as we could and experienced as much as possible!

I made amazing close friends and experienced and saw so much more than I ever thought was possible. I had high hopes for my experience in the US before I arrived but my 18 months there exceeded all my expectations and left me wondering at the end of it all if it really happened!

It’s not just the experience of the Practical Career Training programme that changes your life, it’s the opportunities that come your way afterwards. Thanks to my experience working on events in DC I am now working on events in London and know where my career is heading.

Doing the Practical Career Training programme through Internship NZ makes it so easy for you to do everything you ever dreamed about doing. The organisation and programme is very organised and the whole process of getting the J1 visa is much easier than you’d imagine. The team at Internship NZ will answer any questions you have (before and after you leave home), they are very friendly and helpful and will give you updates during the visa process.

Once you arrive in the US you have the comfort of knowing there are local contacts at CIEE if you ever have any problems or questions. They too are helpful and reliable and will help you solve any issues you may have.

The Practical Career Training programme is an opportunity that you should never let pass you by. The experiences you’ll have, the skills you learn and the friends you make will last you forever. It gives you the confidence and independence you need to do things in life that you never previously thought possible.

Take the chance and do Practical Training Career training through Internship New Zealand. You really will be living the dream!

Pip, UK

I just wanted to thank you for organising my internship for me.  I had the most incredible experience and made friends that I intend to keep for life.  I also learnt some valuable life lessons as well as picking up new skills in the workplace.  So thank you very much!

Linda, Sweden

It is now two years since I was first in touch with you for a tourism internship in NZ.  My future looks bright and amazing, hence why I send this email.  I would like to say thank you!  I had the most amazing time in NZ.  I met the most amazing Kiwis (and other foreigners), got a new Hungarian best friend, got to milk cows and eat several hangi and I found love! Love for a country, a people and a culture.  You guys were stars and the hotel was a ball to work at and I learned so much.  A lot of the things I learned I haven't been able to appreciate the scope of until now but I have come out stronger, healthier, more organised and with a lot more insight into what I want to do in terms of a career in tourism.  All I wanted to say really is a big, massive thank you!

Silje, Norway

I am writing to let you know that I have had an amazing experience working this summer.  During my three month period I got to work in different sectors within the hotel which gave me a broad and valuable experience.  In addition to the work experience I got to know a lot of lovely people and experience the beautiful country with the amazing nature. Thank you for the lovely and warm welcome I received when I arrived and for arranging my internship.  I was very sad to leave and wish I could have stayed longer as I really fell in love with the culture and lifestyle of NZ.

Lucky, India

I just want to inform you that my internship is going good, there are so many things to learn and I am enjoying my job.  So thank you so much again for giving me this opportunity.

Jennifer, England

I'm very well thank you and having such a blast, coming here was the best decision and thank you for all your help in getting me here.

Sophie, NZ

"Everything is going well over here in the USA, I'm loving my new job and learning lots! And again I can't thank you enough for all your help Karen :)"

Kelly, Macau China

I am now in Queenstown.  I feel here is the most beautiful place I have seen.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity to have my internship here.  I believe that I will have an unforgettable and perfect 6 months here.

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