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Why do an Internship?

Many foreign universities and tertiary institutions require that students do internships either at home or abroad to gain practical experience and training related to their course of study. A meaningful work experience can also play an important role in personal development, particularly when this experience is in an international setting.

Working in another country as a paid employee requires that you understand the culture. While you are living and learning in another society, you will also be finding out how to do a job and adapt to a different working environment. Some of you may also be refining your foreign language skills while you are making professional and personal contacts for the future.

Internship NZ

Finding the right work experience may take a while. Start early.

If you do choose to work in a foreign language that you've already studied, communicating in a foreign language at the workplace is certainly one of the most challenging parts of working abroad, but it should not intimidate you for several reasons.

First, you will be surprised at how comfortable you become in the language, since you will be immersed in it every day.

Second, employers understand that you are not a native speaker and will have a certain level of patience for language difficulties you might have. Be ready to work hard, knowing your level of English will improve.

Finally, your employers will be excited to have someone from another country working with them and will want their company to make a good impression on you.

In short, do not be intimidated. The atmosphere probably won't be as stressful as you think.
Internship NZ
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