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Information for Parents

In Internship New Zealand's experience, the calibre and integrity of the young people who choose to come to New Zealand is second to none. They have shown their enthusiasm, confidence, maturity and organisational ability in even considering a placement outside their home country which augurs well for their successful internship experience.

Coming to New Zealand

The internship experience starts from the first moment your child steps off the plane. The fact that your child has chosen New Zealand shows their desire to have an international internship placement on their CV. There are many countries they could choose but their choice of New Zealand shows their adventurous spirit to experience work down under in a country which offers an extensive range of possible work experiences as well as stunning surroundings.


New Zealand is a country of around five million, which is small in global terms but offers everything any other western country provides.

The employers your child will be placed with, are known to Internship New Zealand and all offer valuable experience in their industries.

Whilst we appreciate the importance of your child's independence, we are available on the phone during office hours to assist your child if required.

Leaving New Zealand

Internship New Zealand work with a number of reputable agents in the USA, Germany and Singapore with whom we have long standing relationships. These relationships can be called upon if your child needs assistance while abroad.

If you have any further questions about the programmes please contact us on

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