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Information for Partners

Internship New Zealand is a small focussed business that organises outbound programmes for New Zealand students and graduates and inbound programmes for English speaking students and graduates requiring work experience as part of their university degree, graduate work experience or a Work and Holiday programme.

We offer international participants:

  • some phone support for participants here in New Zealand; and

  • assistance with banking and tax issues on the participant's arrival in New Zealand.

Internship New Zealand is focused on developing programmes that benefit New Zealanders, industry here in New Zealand and participants from all countries, in line with growing international trends and educational initiatives here and abroad.

Internship New Zealand intends to grow its business in line with the growing understanding of internships by New Zealand employers and the continued focus of New Zealand Department of Immigration in resourcing sectors with skilled workers where New Zealand is currently lacking.


Small focused team

Integral relationships with employers/suppliers that are well established and ongoing

Quick response to requests

Our competitive advantages

If you would like to work with Internship New Zealand please contact us on
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